Fastpitch Quebec Division
Softball Quebec is comprised of different divisions. There is Slo-Pitch run through the SPN network (Slo-Pitch National) and there is Fastpitch Quebec that welcomes all Fastpitch athletes in Quebec, male and female.

Fastpitch has grown tremendously over the past 15 years and that, everywhere in the world. This is moslty because Fastpitch has been an Olympic sport as of the Atlanta games in 1996.

Even though Fastpitch has been removed from the Olympic calendar of events in London 2012, we still hope that it will be reinstated in the future.

The Québec team program was founded in 1994 with the utilmate goal that Quebec would be competitive on the National and International scenes

The Québec team program athletes train on average 15 hours per week, all year long and in different training centres.

In 2012, the program will present the following teams:
- Rebelles 99 (female) Winter only
- Rebelles 98 (female)
- Rebelles 97 (female)
- Rebelles Midget (female)
- Rebelles Junior (female)
- Rebelles Senior (female)
- Quebec Midget (male)
- Quebec Junior (male)
- Quebec Senior (male)

The number following the team name means that most players were born during that year.

You can find more information on the Quebec Team Program (Athletes profile, calendar of events, management info, etc.) by visiting their microsite.

To see the Quebec Teams microsite, click here